3 tips to consign used goods. Earn money consigning today with To Be Continued.

3 Important Consignment Tips
To Earn Money Consigning

Believe it or not fall and winter consignments have started and customers are eager to get ready for the change in seasons! Many consignors have questions about how to consign and how to sell items at a consignment shop. Read through these tips and earn more money consigning!

Tip #1:

Consign early in a consignment period. 

At To Be Continued we are always ahead of the seasons.  In July we begin accepting fall, by August we are winter and then in February and March we are very excited to start seeing spring and summer.  The earlier you consign the more money you will make for a few different reasons. 

Number One: customers are looking in advance for the next season. 

Number Two: our categories have not been filled yet so we are still looking for everything. There are a few categories that fill up early such as infant clothing (0-12 months) and tween clothing (sizes 10-14) and women’s jeans.

Number Three: as the season moves on we will be discounting clothing but earlier in the season items are sold for full price.

Tip #2:

Make sure clothing is freshly laundered and in great shape.  Look for stains, signs of wear such as piling, fading and stretching.  Also be aware that items purchased in the last 3 years will be in the highest demand.  Please don’t be offended when we don’t accept everything.  Look for a future Blog post titled “Why we don’t accept everything” to learn more.

Tip #3:

Follow important consignment guidelines such as #1: we accept consignments Monday through Saturday.  We don’t accept consignments on Sundays because we aim to have all consignments out in a 24-48 hr time period and we need a day reserved to catch up to ensure we fulfill this commitment. #2: we have drop and run bins that are quite large.  Please limit drop-offs to 3 bins per drop off.  This allows us to process items in a timely fashion.  Also please read “I’m a Consignor…Now What” and “Consignment Tips” on our website to learn more.

We look forward to having a consigning relationship with you and hope that these tips help you make the most money possible at the same time as reducing, reusing and recycling.  We at To Be Continued love that we help consignors to earn money consigning and at the same time provide quality items at a fair price to our customers and help the environment too!