Consignment Drop Off’s 

Consignment: TBC begins accepting winter on Aug.1st. Scroll down to book you appointment

Winter consignments: long-sleeved t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, dresses, pants and jeans, rainwear, winter outerwear, winter boots, Halloween costumes and running shoes.

Dropping off St Michael’s uniforms? No need to make an appointment – just bring them in!

Drop and Run Consignment:

Consigning is as easy as 1,2,3!

1) Schedule an appointment through the website. Even though you have to book a time slot, once you have a confirmed day, you can drop off anytime in our business hours on the day of your booked appointment. Please book one appointment per box or bag (multiple appointments for multiple boxes or bags) TBC uses a drop and run approach, your items will be left with us and processed in 24- 48 hrs

2) Put your items in a closed box or bag (please no black garbage bags) and make sure that no items can fall out. Please add a piece of paper to each bag or box with your name, consignor number and the date (or print a form) . If you want items back that we were unable to accept, please add the word save and then pick up those items within 3 days from the day you dropped off.

Wondering why some items were not accepted?  These are the most common reasons:

  • Certain brands do not sell well especially in adult clothing. TBC does not accept any adult Walmart, Joe or Giant Tiger brands and limits other value brands.
  • Items were out of season or too late in the season.
  • Items were stained, had wear (pilling) or needed to be freshly laundered
  • Items were purchased more than 5 years ago or are not a style that does well at TBC

3) If you want items back that didn’t sell, stop back in two months from your drop off day to collect them off the sales floor.

Season: swimwear and workout gear all seasons Dates
Winter: outerwear, sweaters, pants, shoes August 1st – Dec 31st
Break Jan 1st – Jan 31st NO CONSIGNMENTS / DROP OFFS
Spring: light hoodies, light pants, short/long sleeves, close toed shoes and raingear Feb 1st – Feb 28th
Summer: shorts, tanks, short-sleeves, light pants, sandals, running shoes March 1st – May 31st
Break June 1st – June 30th NO CONSIGNMENTS / DROP OFFS
Fall: light hoodies, light pants, short/long sleeves, close toed shoes, raingear and fall jackets July 2st – July 31st

Do you want to be a consignor?

Ready to be a consignor, print the application form (or find one at TBC).

If you want to make some extra cash with old items, it’s time to fill out a simple form and bring it to TBC to have an account created.


How It Works

We sell your items for you and you receive 40% of the selling price for your clothes, shoes, boots and toys after the item has sold. The money accumulates on your account and you can then spend it in the store or take a cash payout at any time (anything over $50 please give us notice and a cheque will be written). Items are kept for 60 days and unsolds can be picked up after the term is up. There is no limit on the number of items that can be brought into the store but we ask that each bag or box has it’s own appointment. (ex. 3 bags needs to have 3 scheduled appointments)


Doing A Presort

All items must come to us freshly laundered and inspected. We will be looking for and unable to accept any clothes, shoes and boots that are: -Dirty -Stained -Holes -Faded -Pilly -Outdated-Pet hair -Odours (smoke, musty) -Missing buttons/snaps/pieces -Tags Cut Out -Brands we do not accept. As categories fill up in the shop we will also take that into account. For example the infant clothing (0-12 mos) and the big kid (10-14 yrs) sections fill up quickly so consign early in a season for best results. You can have unaccepted items back or we can donate them to charity for you. If you would like unaccepted items back, please pick-up within 3 days of dropping off. We donated to The Diabetes Association or The House of Lazarus.


How To Bring Us Your Items

Once you have laundered your clothing and have done a presort…. Neatly fold clothing or lay items flat in a bag (no garbage bags please) or a box. If you have items that are a set…pjs, Carter’s outfits…please place them together. Do not use safety pins on clothes as they leave holes. Shoes and boots must be clean and in good condition. Toys must be complete, cleaned, and in excellent working condition. All furniture and equipment must meet current Canadian safety standards and be in clean and working condition. Now you are ready to look an appointment.

That’s it!
We are thrilled you are joining our consigning family!

Our fully computerized inventory and account maintenance system, ensures your inquiries are handled quickly and professionally. Check your account online to find out what was accepted and how much money is in your account

Additional Consignment Tips

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

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